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In Memory of our co-founder

Dr. Phil Chamberlain


Kingston Open MRI features:




•  Board certified and sub-specialty trained radiologists


•  NMTCB and Ministry of Health approved technologists




•  Many people get nervous about the prospect of getting into an MRI scanner. This is not surprising as most MRI scan tubes are long and narrow, and do not let in any natural light. The MRI scanner at Kingston Open MRI does not have these limitations. It has one side, no tube, and is completely open on the other sides. It allows for side-first patient entry (not head-first). The openness and comfort of our MRI is very attractive to patients, especially:



      Claustrophobic patients


      Patients weighing up to 400 lbs


      Pediatric or aged patients




•  Flexible scheduling including weekend, evening and early morning appointments.



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